FSI Fire Alert System (FAST) Version 3.0
(Launched on 16 January 2019)


  • Near Real Time monitoring of Forest Forest Fire based on MODIS and SNPP-VIIRS. Click to open Dashboard

  • Large Forest Forest Fire programme based on SNPP-VIIRS. Click to open Dashboard

  • Forest Fire GeoPortal Launched. Click to open

  • Forest Fire Danger Rating (Early Warning) Click to open

  • WMS available for integration to State Forest Departments.

  • Customized alerts for 20 states at beat level and 2 states at Range level.

  • Improved feedback system (via SMS and nodal officer page).

  • Improved Nodal officer page.

  • Report Publications.

Disclaimer: Forest Fire alerts generated by Forest Survey of India are based on Near Real Time fire point data processed by National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad. The frequency of the alerts are dependent on satellite passes which are currently 6 times in a day (24 hours). The accuracy of the forest fire alerts are based on information of the boundary information provided by State Forest Departments. Users are encouraged to use the FAST3.0 data in conjunction with other sources of forest fire detection and not solely rely on satellite based fire alerts for tactical firefighting. For more information, please read our FAQs section.